International business is one
of the most demanding business activities.

The lack of knowledge of foreign commercial law, market and economic activity characteristics, and the lack of mastery of language and necessary information are the main obstacles to establishing effective cooperative relationships with foreign companies.

Нour company helps you solve this problem! Profit Geek Consulting Group is a new consulting service platform, composed of a team of experienced experts, to provide services for the establishment and development of business activities in Russia, China, the United States, Kazakhstan and other countries for you.

The essence of our work is to provide comprehensive, independent and authentic information for establishing or optimizing business activities. Profit Geek Consulting is an independent platform. Therefore, it is only responsible for its own customers and agents as a third party.

3 Years of PG system operation experience
135 Cooperative companies


What is our work pattern?
Our company has an agent team led by senior business experts in all regions.

With a unified online system and database that contains all the necessary information, the agent team can collect and provide all the needed information for the client in the shortest period and analyze the business prospects of the region. Consequently, the cost of obtaining real and effective information for the customer is reduced and time is saved.

Therefore, customers can save considerable expenses. Meanwhile, our consulting platform can save 3% to 10% of income and expenditure for you. Our service quality and efficiency are well received by many customers. Our company has been in operation for two years, 80% of our customers are convinced that our company is very helpful to their business and continue to cooperate with Profit Geek Consulting Group. Continuous information exchange between different departments of the company can provide professional services to the greatest extent and help our customers to achieve their ambitions in the international market.



Brief history of the company


This is not one of the companies; it is a dream that becomes reality. Once a group of business friends (STT) who have always wanted to participate in progress and improve the interaction between entrepreneurs of the world, today we have achieved this goal. Profit Geek consulting group is a global project under the leadership of experienced entrepreneurs. Our team is responsible people with a sum of experience in the field of international business and with a clear understanding of the uniqueness of the project. One of our main tasks is to provide information that allows you to fulfill your business plan efficiently and on time.


In March 2017, the company Profit Geek Consulting Group was incorporated as an LLC in the city of Hong Kong. It was founded by professionals (STT-System Top Team), who set a goal to gain a foothold in the international consulting market. The company began its activities primarily in creating a client base of Chinese partners in the import and export of goods to Russia and a number of CIS countries. For two years, the company has become a medium-sized business in the field of high-quality advisory services in Beijing cities Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Over time, the team (STT) decided to go online thanks to this project has reached a new level of development.


In January 2019, the company developed an improved platform in the form of a new official website,, for quick action in providing services to partners and customers around the world. We also created a free consultation center for future partners and customers who would be interested to become part of our global network. We are on the verge of developing various business projects that will help small and medium-sized businesses to gain a foothold in the era of technology. We promote your growth.


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